Feedback from the audience of nurses, physicians, social workers, clergy, volunteers, administrators and a pharmacist attending a one hour session at the New Hampshire Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Annual Meeting in Bedford, New Hampshire, November 5, 2015.
(Note: ALL comments and responses received from this group are shared in full below.)



“Wonderful presentation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!”

“Can’t say enough. Wonderful. Spiritual. Enlightening. Moving. Loved it!”

“Nicely done! Thanks for your honesty & courage.”

“The presentation was much different from what I expected it to be.”

“Loved the info and format. Touched closely on my every day goals.”


“Wonderful exercises, very powerful, applicable to both dying patients, healthcare workers, and just your ‘average person.'”

“Great experience, very different than usual Continuing Education experience but a very welcome balance to the day.”

“Thank you.”

“Important as practitioners to make time in our lives to practice listening and reflection.”

“Thank you for the helpful techniques.”

“I would like more information regarding ways to use this to help patients.”

“Nice exercises. Wondering how I use these with patients, apply what I learned. I think you want us to simply raise our awareness.”

“More exposure to exercises like these to learn to be more comfortable with ones own issues.”

“Great tools.”

“Nice exercise for mindfulness.”

“Great hands on activities. Great for after lunch session. I will use these in the hospice work that I do.”

“Your ‘take home points’ were an important reminder.”


Responses to question, “What would you say to a friend?”

“Helps one to focus on what really matters.”

“I loved this exercise. It teaches me humility. Keeping myself in the minute regarding the patient as the teacher.”

“Try it!”

“Don’t let yourself think too hard about the activities and just let yourself experience them.”


“Try it & change your life.” 

“Very moving experience, very good.”

“This experience will be more wonderful than many lectures often turn out to be.”

“Go in with no expectations and be open to the experience to appreciate the possibilities that it can give you and hopefully be able to give to others.”

“Allows us to shift our paradigms and focus on others more than ourselves.”

“It’s a valuable opportunity to pause and connect with the reality of OUR experience (not my but OUR).”

“Made us realize that listening is as good as it gets.”

“Very interesting. I enjoyed it.”

“Keep an open mind.”

“Each participant present in the room contributed to the benefit of this experience. If one were not here, it would have been different and ‘less’ than it was. Significant.”

“You are worth it.”

“Have an open mind and willingness to try, you’ll be glad you did!”

“Helps to focus on listening to others nonjudgmental and not interrupting.”

“You become more introspective, appreciative.”

“Helpful in understanding what listening means.”


Evaluations of the particular tools used at this gathering:

“Consider the raisin” expansion of mindful eating.

“Inspiration through expiration” breathing life review.

Taps for healing” song for mending and strengthening relationships.

Open faucet sharing” and“holding the basin” experience of deep listening.


Mindful Mortality Evaluation of Tools Graph Rob Spencer MD

“Very thought provoking and moving exercises. ‘Taps for Healing’ helped me to connect with my loved one in a way that I have never been able to before. Thank you!”

“I loved the open faucet listening because it reminds you that the most important thing you can do for someone is just be there and surrender your desire to fix things for them that are beyond your control because at the end of the day what matters most to them is that you were there.”

“Everything happens for a reason is my belief and as I listened to my partner it was amazing how our lives seemed to mirror each other.”

“Open faucet sharing and listening was very powerful.”

“Listening with conscious mindfulness. No eye contact for meditation with the deceased person. Will try this with my siblings.”

“Consider the raisin was eye opening. Thank you!”

“It was great to feel unique like a raisin.”

“I thought it was very interesting and important that the ‘Taps’ had ‘I forgive’ multiple times as it is important for us to forgive others and not just want to be forgiven.”

“I will spend time now doing my own life review, just with slower breathing.”

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Listening was wonderful in that not having to think about my response, simply listening, allowed a beautiful connection where I was fully present with the person.”

“Open faucet sharing was sad as I have many years of blank spaces. Took a lot of time to connect with previous history and events. Loved the basin and returning it.”

“Very interesting exercise. I will remember to ‘hold the basin’ when ever I speak with a patient again.”

“Great exercises, made me realize what is important in life and what patients faced with death will go through. Loved ‘Consider the raisin.'”

“The taps for healing is something I want to be mindful of each moment of my life.”